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Settle For Nothing


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If any bands out there would like to have us play with them, contact one of us. We will gladly play. Thanks...S4N

Upcoming Shows

April 8, 2004- STEVEFEST!!!!! where at? Connor's House. time? TBA. cost? TBA. bands: Settle For Nothing, Albacore!, Painted Red Start, Not Yet Drowning, Slit Wings, CCA(yes the cancer causing agents, A REUNION SHOW!). this show is a fundraiser for steve edwards. if it raises 100 dollars, it goes towards steves new drum set. and if it raises that much, steve will SHAVE HIS HEAD!!!! come on now, i know we all wanna see that. SO COME ON!

April 30, 2004- Summit Hill Battle of the Bands TWO! At Summit Hill Junior High in Frankfort(place at the last one... not lincoln way). tickets are 5 bucks from someone in the bands and 6 bucks at the door. Eleanors Fault, Gas Can Pickup, Settle For Nothing, Slit Wings, The Lost Anthology, (Possibly) Albacore!, (Possibly) Painted Red Start, When She Falls, and i think a few more. Time is TBA...ill post when i look at the flyer... come support all the bands!

May 16, 2004- At Mojoes coffee house in orland park. the bands are Serenity Now, Settle For Nothing, tim and kissingers band and TBA... time is TBA and cost is TBA... when known, youll find out  :) 

Past Shows

April 3rd 2004- At Peace Community Church across from Central next to Fifth Quarter. Its FREE OF CHARGE! Playing is Jean Charisco, Painted Redstart, Albacore!(sams other band) and Settle For Nothing. I believe it starts at 7 and ends around 10. so come and enjoy!

March 19, 2004- At the Lincoln Way Battle of the Bands. Sponsored by Grace Fellowship Church. From 7-10. From 7-9 its, in this order: Mad Mardigan, Eleanors Fault, Gas Can Pickup, and Settle For Nothing. from 9-10 its Tin Man Jones(?). its also FREE OF CHARGE! and its being held in the lincoln way east gym. i hear some random people will win prizes like X Box or something. so come one come all. enjoy.
First Place- Settle For Nothing. and Second Place- Gas Can Pickup

Saturday March 6th- Where at? Mojoes on 94th Ave. In Orland Park IL. Whos Playing? The Lost Anthology, Settle For Nothing, Summerset, and The Last Tragety, Broken Freedom. Cost? 6 bucks. time? 7 to 11. more info just ask one of us or post it on the guestbook.

Friday March 5th- Where at? Irish Fest in Manhattan Illinois. Who else? A New Begining, Settle For Nothing, and others, if any... TBA. What time? 7 i think. we really dont know much about this show. so, we will try and post it as soon as we know.

January 30, 2004- where at? The Basement in Oak Lawn. bands: Settle For Nothing, Lifedos, and Death By Design. how much you say? i think it was 2 bucks. what time? 7 i think it was till 10. i think that is all... it was an alright show... thank you nick for being my mic stand!! :)

January 23, 2004- where? mojoes in orland. time:i dont remember... it happened weeks ago. bands: Settle For Nothing, To Say The Least, and Backlit Areas. price: i think it was $5. It was fun.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS! December 5th- Where At? Summit Hill Junior High in Frankfort Square. Ill get directions soon. Bands:Eleanors Fault, Cooking With Brak, The Opening Act, Rise Of The Dead, Shark Bait, and 1 more I think. How Much? 5 dollar tickets from us, 6 at the door. Proceeds go to charity. Time- 6:30-9:30. Come one, come all. Enjoy music....and have fun!
First Place-Cooking With Brak. Second Place-Eleanors Fault. Third Place-Settle For Nothing

Friday November 7- where at? Only A Stage in Naperville. Bands-The Rushmores, 32over, and Settle For Nothing. 5 bucks at the door. it starts at 7 and ends at 10. dont know what the order is, so get there to see who goes first.

Saturday October 18- where at? mojoes coffee hous in orland. time? 6b-11. Whos playing? s4n, small town nobodies,backlit areas, and gas can pick up. Cost? 5 bucks. ITS A HALLOWEEN SHOW!!! SO DRESS UP IN COSTUMES!!! OR ELSE YOU DONT GET IN!just kidding, but dress up ne ways. (and you cant come as ur self, thas crap.)

Saturday September 6th- where at? Connors house  cost? 2 bucks at the door. bands- settle for nothing and rise of the dead. time? 7:00pm to 9:00 pm... doors at 6:30. we prolly go on first... and we havent practiced in a while so dont expect any greatness.

August 10th - where: at club 30 west. who is playing? settle for nothing, cooking with brack, one trick arsenal, and backlit areas! time is 6-10. cost is 6 bucks. this is our first show with devan, but expect greatness and a cool/semi new sound!

Saturday July 19-  where at? sams backyard. what time-7ish to like 10:30 or so. how much? free. it will be us, small town nobodies, and rise of the dead. oh and NO SMOKING AND STAY WITHIN THE BACK YARD! NO GOING IN THE FIELD.... thanks for your cooperation LIMITED PARKING!!! TRY TO CARPOOL OR GET DROPPED OFF OR EVEN WALK!!!! NOT TOO MANY PARKING SPOTS!

Saturday June 28- Where- Frankfort Square Carnival behind Hilda Walker school. How Much-Free i suppose. Who- Us and i think there will be others, not sure. Why shouljd you go?- because its a carnival... and there will be live music by us and others. so go and enjoy. BUY THE MEGA PASS AND GET FREE RIDES EVERY DAY AND GO ON THE ZIPPER 109 TIMES A DAY!!!!

Saturday May 31-at Founders Center which i believe is on route 30 by the creamery. i will go look for it to get exact directions within the next week. its in frankfort. the bands are Settle For Nothing, Manditory Discipline, and the Dirty Mormons and the Butter Knife Bandits...from 6:30-10:00 and its free so come and have fun.. check back soon for updates. i guess you have to bring your student ID so DONT FORGET!

Friday May 23-  hamptons back yard. free and anyone is invited. Cooking With Brak and Settle For Nothing playing. music starts around 7:30 or so and ends around 9:30 or so. refreshments will be sold and snacks will be there. it will be a good time.

May 2nd: Caliopes Coffee House at Lincoln-Way East. Its in the all purpose room. we are the only band playing, but a bunch of people do speeches and poetry and stuff. its a good time. who knows, maybe youll see one of us doing that. i think it starts at 6 or 7, its one of the two, and i believe it ends at 9. we have no idea what time we go on, so make it there early enough. we are thinking more towards the end. but just get there early anywho. stay tuned for more updates.