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Settle For Nothing


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The Band

Individual Bios:

Mike Hampton: Vocals/Guitars

Sam Edgin: Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals

Devan Beimler: Drums/Backup Vocals

Band Bio:

Settle For Nothing all started back in September of 2002. Sam and Mike, both really anxious to start something new, got together and started writing some music. That music was nothing like it is today. They really looked up to their idols, Anti-Flag, and tried writing political lyrics dealing with issues of today. But boy, did they suck at it. They realised that they should never EVER touch politics in music. So, they stopped. Who else you ask was in the band when it started? No one. They were searching for a drummer for a few months. Around January of 2003, a good friend Sean Bloomfield signed up for the job. They jumped into originals, dishing out new songs here and there. They needed to get the drums down for their first show at Caliopes Coffee House sometime in May. So they worked hard and fast. The show came up and they did pretty well for it being there first(and Mike being a nervous wreck). After that, they played a few more shows. Up until about August, it was hard to fit in practice and shows with Seans work schedule, and they came to a mutual agreement of the search for a new drummer. No hard feelings are left with Sean at all. All is well and we wish him luck in other bands. Now, Devan Beimler came around, pretty much auditioned at one of their shows. He played Cringe by Alkaline Trio for the boys and they really liked it. So they decided to take Devan under their wings. They are all happy with what they have become with Devan as part of the group. With their biggest influences Alkaline Trio and Much The Same, they are ready to rock out for you all out there. After blood, sweat, and tears, Settle For Nothing has become what they are today.