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Show Write-Ups

We will try to do these as often as possible after every show... which sean will prolly be the only one doing them.. so blah

Edgin Fest '03-(July 19, 03)- well we played edginfest 03 on the 19. this is mike doing the write up by the way... sean wasnt there for any of the show except our part cuz he had to work. but... it went well. Rise Of The Dead did very good. for their first show. they did swell. i like their sound way better than manditory discipline, although MD was good. the Talentless Al Simmons and the Small Town Nobodys did great! props to them! and apologies to bill for seans drums falling apart every second. but you did well, you did well. they had billy get up there and sing thursday i believe it was. i dont like thursday, but that was a good cover. you guys did awesome. then came us... damn was it bad. but it was a lot of fun! i threw the setlist together in like 2 seconds but it turned out good. we played,.... eh... average. but i know me and sam had fun... not too sure about sean... and the crowd had fun. and thats all that counts. thanks to devan for playing drums during cringe. if i forget to thank anyone, im sorry. thanks to everyone for coming, and thanks to rise of the dead and small town nobodys for playing. it was awesome! peace
Sorry Mike, but your writeup failed to include the only thing people want to hear about- what Sean Bloomfield did AFTER the show.  Alright so I got off work at 9, went to Sam's, sat on a wobbly chair for 45-or-so minutes, let everyone know how much I hate them (lose your keys...), and finally, I left.  And HOLY SHIT THAT WAS LOUD LIGHTNING I'M GOIGN TO SLEEP!!!!!!!
to be continued...

Frankfort Square Carnival (June 28, 2003)-
Easily the best show we've ever put on, but only because I got to use Kala's drumset so once again, I thank her/you (you if you are Kala who happens to be reading this).  Yeah so we played like a bunch of Yanni Jr's, what can I say?  People were actually MOVING to our music, that's always great to see (great as in I love anyone who has ever done any sort of movement to any of our songs at any of our shows).  Oh yeah I forgot to mention I DO NOT look like Yanni *cries*.  Yanni is so not cool...why can't I look like Walker, Texas Ranger or someone who people want to have sex with.  Oh yeah I also forgot this isn't a blog (online journal if you're not a Sean Bloomfield wannabe) so I'll just go complain in the guestbook about Yanni some more after I'm done here.  Back to the show...we played like 4 covers I think and ended up filling a full hour somehow (we did start a little late so maybe that was it) and then we did our last song just to make sure everyone knows I hate myself passionately.  Devan has offered to throw roses on stage for me should I ever do that song again though so maybe, just maybe...
Cooking With Brak was amazing as usual...Cooking With Brak if you read this, I want to have your children somehow.  *twitches with laughter*
Alright, this has been another moronic show write-up, remember Sean loves you.

Connor's Birthday Party (June 25th, 2003)-
I'm going to apologize on behalf of the rest of the band for putting a damper on the festivities with our suckiness.  And on that note I'll give you all some lame excuses so you can say to yourselves, "you know what...they had good reason to suck, i want them so hardcore"
Alright yeah so like all week Sean was all like "LETS PRACTICE AND I HATE DOING COVERS" and Mike and Sam are like "I HATE YOU SEAN" so we ended up practicing and not getting too much done a few times...but we did get SOME done...oh well.  No excuses.
Anyway we played, people listened, my cymbals kept falling over, and then Mike and Sam used our lack of a so-called "groove" to cajole me into doing that god forsaken Lose Your Keys song.  They said they'd pay me.  Alright so we played that too and I guess people liked it AND THEY BETTER HAVE.  I'm not even into like talking to people, let alone "rapping" and then "screaming" to them. 

Alright I'm like 3 write-ups in the hole or whatever so let's see if we can't fix that...
FOUNDERS CENTER SHOW (May 31st, 2003)-
Eve is one totally nice lady.  We owe this show to her. 
Butterknife Bandits played really well, I like them, but apparently they are no longer a band so YARRRRR
Settle For Nothing is the worst band ever, but they played well (notice how well I pretend I'm not in the band...) and Sean would like to thank Mr. Steve Edwards for having a sweet drumset and letting Sean use it.
uhm...Dirty Mormons I think their name was...all I can really remember is that they shouldn't have been trying to play Nirvana...
and Mandatory Discipline was awesome, huge thanks to them for inviting us to play with them


Hamtorfest '98(may 23, 03)-
Sean's writeup-
MY DRUMSET STILL SUCKS HARDCORE EXCEPT NOW IT SUCKS WORSE!!  So BIG BIG HUGE thanks to Kala for allowing me to make another sorry attempt at drum playing on her totally sweet drumset.  Anyway, I'd consider Hamtorfest '98 a success!  I think there was about 50-60 people there, big thanks to EVERYONE for coming.  Settle For Nothing played first, and our first song was...well, it was a bittersweet cover of Space Song by Cooking With Brak.  The bitter- us not being able to play the song AT ALL.  The sweet- Evan singing, and doing one fine job at it.  After that we played Cheerleader, our newest song, which went pretty well.  Kala's drumset has a lot of those circular noise making things to hit, so I tried to hit them all as much as possible!  After Cheerleader came Forgotten Hope, which I will admit I messed up on pretty bad although I am told it was unnoticeable.  Then came Penguin Song, then Six Feet Under, and finally Emo Kids (Portraying Classes).  We were able to go through our set with minimal EFF-ups, but from what I gathered the drums and guitar were too quiet, which is funny since I thought the bass was too quiet, which led to some confusion, but oh well!!!  Anyway, who really cares about Settle For Nothing? NO ONE!  Here's what we all REALLY cared about- COOKING WITH BRAK.  Oh MAN I forgot I cannot talk about CWB yet!  In between SFN and CWB came a very strange and horrible concotion of talent and no-talent (I was the only no-talent part) playing Senses Fail - 187.  I was asked by PJ CHADDDD to help him out with covering this earlier in the week and althouth I had never heard the song before I couldn't pass up an opportunity to help good ole PJ CHADDDDDDD out, so I TRIED to learn the song, didn't do a GREAT job of it.  Anyway, Chad did an AWESOME job of singing/screaming which detracted somewhat from the horrible things going on behind him.  That's all I really have to say about that...alright so back to CWB.  Gosh darn, they're awesome.  If for some very very strange reason you have never heard them, then let me explain-  Tim is one HECK of a singer.  Evan is Evan, not much more needs to be said (besides maybe FHQWGADS).  Rico is better than me at guitar.  Mike is better than me at bass.  Kala is better than me at drums.  That's all that really needs to be said (yes I have at one time or another tried to play all of those instruments, but to no avail).  Anyway, CWB played AWESOMELY in typical CWB fashion.  There was some MAD crowd surfing going on, which I THOUGHT was pretty NEAT-O!  Due to my horrible memory I am unable to recall which songs CWB played...I remember them playing Hands Behind Your Back, Space Song, Duntop, Jessica...and two other songs I THINK!  Don't matter if they playing Sonny & Cher or some shit, 'twould still sound good.  So to iterate, Hamtorfest '98 was a good time, and to everyone who I let down by not throwing a stick, I am VERY sorry!  I promise I will throw one next time.

Caliopes Coffee House(may 2 '03)-
Sean's Writeup-
:O My first show! Mike's too! Needless to say we were kinda NERVOUS, but I'm too cool to get nervous so wtf.  The readings before the performance were pretty hot, especially that one about daffy duck...that was great.  We had some accoustic emo performances as well which I thought was pretty cool.  Eric Shmidt and Dan Gilam (I hope I spelled those names right :\) also played a couple accoustic songs which ROCKED, those guys are totally awesome.  Anyway Settle For Nothing played, and we played pretty well, I think.  I can't speak for Sam or Mike, but I only had a couple problems (mostly due to my drums being SUCKASS HARDCORE).  Thanks to EVERYONE who went, there were a LOT of you, thanks <3 !!